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Why the Hurricane Party Sale.


if it is a direct hit or not is going 
to make things soggy and messy,
Would like to get orders out of here
before she arrives not knowing 
what the overall picture will be.
The poor folks that are hosting the
Atlantic motorcycle event starting
WED  thru SUN this week have got 
to be just plain nervous. If you look
and choose the "PIER" options you will 
see the event tents right on the ATLANTIC.

We will be closed on Friday
8/25/18 as I travel out of town for a
family related event. Back Sat AM
for order processing and shipping.

SORRY, Just busy..

LOTS of new TOMOS parts
have arrived with more parts on the 
way from France and the Netherlands

We will not be shipping on Saturdays
until Labor Day weekend as the local
traffic makes getting from our warehouse
to USPS a logistical mess. Once the 
town clears this fall we will be moving
to a new warehouse location within
a quick walk to the main USPS location
in Ocean City MD . This will greatly increase 
our shipping times and overall speed of
processing orders.  Stay tuned, BIG
things are happening..

Memorial Day Has Arrived.
Thank you for all those who have 

We are at a Beach in MD
so this is the start of our busy retail
season on both the web and our 
brick and mortar bike shops.
Please keep in mind that the
shops were removed from the 
internet business many years 
ago. If you make the pilgrimage
to the beach looking for moped
parts,  the guys at the shop are NOT
going to be able to help you.
PLEASE contact us directly at
All parts get shipped as we need control
inventory and working outside the 
cart screws up what we keep on hand.

We have had 3 large parts orders
from Europe arrive in the past week.
Look around at all the new parts.

We will be closing the warehouse
Mid Day Friday til Tuesday Eve
as I travel for some family business.
Orders received after noon Friday 4/6
will not ship until 4/11.  Sorry for any
delays this may cause.  

Happy Easter to ALL.  We have 
extended Free Shipping thru 
May 31. Spring special is now
$5 off a $75 order.

We will be closed 4/7-4/10.
Email will still be answered but the 
warehouse will be closed to all
outbound shipping. Get your orders in
 by 4/6 so we can ship them timely..

PayPal has been working well
so we think we are going to let
it run for a bit.  Lots of parts
in route from Italy and Slovenia.
European orders take time to 
fill and ship so we are doing our
best to get new product in the 
cart and replace sold out items.
Thanks for your continued support.

Today we are launching 
PayPal Payments on
a trial basis. We will see
how this goes dealing with 
two different processors
aa we hit the busy spring.
The current platform we use
( PAYTRACE) allows for 
maximum control on order
processing (all eggs in one
basket) . With a second
processor, things could get
a bit more challenging.

We are going to a single e-mail
address as we continue to battle 
SPAM.  After a while you just 
get tired of dealing with it.
our new contact is 
or our house account of

Happy New Year all.
We have 2 large orders inbound from 
EUROPE with lots of OUT OF STOCK
items that we have been awaiting. Look
for your favorite items to reappear shortly.

We are back open from Christmas 
Day and shipping orders there were
received over the long weekend.
Hope everyone is having a great holiday
season from the gang at TheMopedJunkyard.

Happy Holidays all.
If you have not noticed we have a 10%
off sale running thru Xmas. Anything over
$50 qualfies..  You can also get free 
shipping at $99 and they can be stacked.
(tires, wheels and frames still exempt from
the frees shipping ** just too heavy**)

Lot s of new parts in from Europe and more
on the way..

Mail issues cured. Lots of new parts in
from Europe this week.  Fresh new 
Motobecane parts due in next week.
Exciting times at the junkyard this fall.
Also,  Please note we will be closed
9/19-9/24 as we travel for business.

Mail server issues repaired. We installed
some extra levels of spam filters as the garbage
e-mails we get are getting beyond what we
want to deal with..
We also now have a new base level account

We have been experiencing some mail server
issues.  This page is hosted on a different server
then our mail server so all is well with the shopping 

to contact us please use
unit we have the mail server repaired.

We are now offer free shipping at $99 
thru the end of the year as it has been
an amazing success. TOMOS parts are 
always inbound as we stock up for our
busiest time of the year.  Everyone
have a safe and happy july 4th..

SUMMER is here.. For all those 
who read this, we are open EVERY
DAY.. We are open over the MEMORIAL
DAY weekend also.  As we are in a Beach
Resort,  holidays  come in the off season, 
not in season..  The Boss is considering
making the FREESHIPPING @$99 a 
permanent  thing.  Also,  lots more stuff
on the way as we continue to import 
from suppliers in Europe, Asia, and 
the Orient..  Welcome to SUMMER!

While you are here, drop us a line of 
what you like and don't like about 
the setup of the site.  Always trying to 
improve and add as much content as 
needed.  We are here to offer a great
and secure internet shopping experience. 

Image map overlays done!  Put a
fork in it.  Lots of big things happening
as we gear up for spring. More inventory
then every in stock and more on the way.
Specials everywhere and free shipping 
at $99 thru the end of the month.  Make 
it happen. Welcome to the new 2017!

If you have not noticed,  we are cleaning up
the site. We have gotten rid of the mobile version 
and have been adjusting the full page view to 
work nicely in mobile.  All graphics will
eventually have an image map overlay. If you 
are having issue with the image map point
and click, turn you phone sideways. We find that
works best.  We have been trying it on iPhone6
and an Samsung android and everything seems
to work properly.  Let us know what you think.  

Thanks for a great fall season. We will be open
thru xmas eve. No express mail service however.
We will reopen on Monday 12/26.
Happy Holidays to all.  Dave

We have been hard at work updating our site to
image map (point and click on the part number).
As our Mobile version is being phased out to
due Google and Bing search engine requirements
Let us know what you think about the new format.
All of the Carburators, part of Tomos section and part
of the Garelli sections are complete as we reformat.

Type "JINGLE" promo code at check out and receive
a $10 discount on orders over $75 until 12/21. 
Our x-mas gift back to all our customers.

Been a busy fall.  Lots of new orders arriving from Europe.
In a few areas but we are trying to  source many new products
that are back on the market after years of absence. Sachs air boxes
and 16 x 2 tires to name a few- all items are quality made.
The Biggest NEWS is we are slowly adding
image-maps to all of the schematics for more simple POINT 
and CLICK ordering on the black and white scans. Please
note that in MOBILE format these may not be available. Our
site still best when viewed on a larger screen on tablet.
Let us know what you think of the image-map format.

We are back in the warehouse Monday at 8AM.
Order backlog should be cleared up in 24-36 hrs.
Sorry for the delay in shipping however we will be
back on our Normal schedule by Mid Day on Monday.

Please note that we are closed from 9/20-9/25 as we travel to
see suppliers (working vacation). Server still taking orders
and we will begin shipping all orders that arrive after 9/19 on

Thanks for a busy Summer of 2016.  We have more
TOMOS parts on the way from Slovenia and we are
updating photos and pricing on many items over the
next few months as we start to catch back up from the
busy season. It is BIKE WEEK in OC. that means 100K
motorcycles. Sort of a Northern Daytona. Lots of big
american twins in town.

Please note that we are closing 9/20-9/25 as we travel to
see suppliers (working vacation). Server still taking orders
and we will begin shipping orders that arrive after 9/19 on
9/26.  We will still answer email during this time as internet
connection allows. Sorry for any delay, we will due our best
to get the weeks worth of orders out in the first 48 hrs back.

The OC airshow is this weekend.  Last year the town
had 750,000 people to watch. typical weekend crowds
are about 450,000.  SOOOO,  no shipping Saturday
as getting around from warehouse to Post Office and
to stores is next to impossible as traffic is beyond belief.
Orders submitted after 6AM friday AM will not ship
until Monday.  

We have restocked Dellorto 14/12 and Phva carbs
and parts.  Tomos A35/A55 clutches back in stock 
along with  A35 hand grips and other small parts.
Best of all, Our Schwalbe order arrived with the 
16 x 2 tires that many have been waiting for.  We have
12 more available,  but have reordered 16 & 17 x 2 tires 
from Germany in the next Batch due late July.

We are open but not shipping till Tuesday as
battling the traffic for a Saturday ship window won't 
happen. Too many people in town with gridlocked roads.
Anything thru the cart will ship on Tuesday.

It has bee a bit since we have put up any news.  
Basically it is Spring and our stores and the web are all
very busy.  Some new parts are up at site.  We continue 
to add photos for items not pictured and continue to 
work on our efficiency - We have moved to ENDICIA
for USPS shipping which has helped with order tracking
and quicker processing times.  3 Large orders in route 
from EUROPE as the weather continues to warm.
Thanks for the continued support.

Don't for get the Coupon Code SAVE10 to save 10%
off your order over $75 ( exclusions apply)..
Lots of new product in and on the way from Europe
NEW--Schwalbe tires in stock by next week.
Sachs carbs in stock,  NEW Puch 14mm bing carbs

Last Day for the free shipping/ 10% discount combo.
One or both are leaving us tomorrow. Take advantage 

Last year we moved to this better cart. Now we can 
start to add more content and finish the holes left
from the transition last year.  We have so much going
on at themopedjunkyard we can not even explain. 
We use this time of year to clean, move and update
the warehouse. We are bringing much more content
online in the next few weeks. Recently, the Jpeg Manuals
were added (these are books we have but don't have 
printed), low demand items and the cost of printing is 
prohibitive to have run in small qtys.  Our used parts
selection is now being sorted and evaluated, 
forks ( 100+) swing arms (100+) fenders (200+)
will all make it to the site by spring..

Spring is always our target date as being at the beach,
if it does not happen by spring,  it will not happen until
late fall.  Once it warms, the stores take off and 
don't slow until there is a chill in the air again.

Service update.
We have seen many of you at the shop for service.
Remember, if you want to bring your moped in for service
and need parts, you can print a shopping list from 
this site and bring in with the moped.  We can pull the
items and  get them to the mechanic usually within 24 hrs.
Items need to pulled from the cart inventory just as we would 
pack an order. Parts like moped tires/ tubes/ chains/
cables are no longer stocked at our OC service location
due to space issues ( just plain over run with 49cc 
scooter parts). All the moped gems are tucked away
safely at the warehouse.

Our cart host has been in the process of changing
the interface to a more modern look.  This has been
causing issues over the past 45 + days. We hope we
are now moving toward a more stable platform as
we correct the template and make coding adjustments.
Sorry for any difficulties this may have caused.

Large batch of NEW TOMOS parts in today.
A3 cylinders/ A3 clutches ( 1st and 2nd gear),
Encarne carbs and a bunch of other cool items. 
REMEMBER the  coupon codes "SAVE10" and
"SHIPFREE" to save a few bucks on your order.

We are now in the second year of the new cart
and will be bringing  new features on line before
spring.  We are now offering free shipping
in the lower 48 at $125 (some restrictions apply).
As we start 2016, we leave a very successful year
both in stores and on the web and would like to
thank all of our loyal customers.  Save 10% on
any order in the next month by simply typing 
"SAVE10" at checkout. We are advertising this
coupon code only here.  We will see how 
word travels. Lots of new product in the pipeline..

Questions,  Feel free to email us