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As we move into 2021 we wish everyone
a safe and Happy New Year. We will be
closed Friday Jan 1 but will be shipping 
thru Dec 31 and will resume on Jan 2nd.

WOW, what a year.. We will ship out  
our last orders before XMAS tomorrow
12/17. Our warehouse will take a 7 day
break and Reopen just after Xmas.  We
will still answer email and you can submit 
orders, but NO boxes will ship until at least
12/26.  MERRY CHRISTMAS..  Stay safe
and 6 feet.

We had an API issue today which has been 
corrected. This is when the webcart will
not talk to the processing gateway. All
has been corrected and we are back up.
We apologize for any issue. Have a great
holiday weekend.  

Hello all. Hoping everyone is well.
We continue to be open and functioning
as the shelter in place restrictions are
finally removed in the area.  We have 2
large parts orders inbound from EUROPE
which are weeks overdue due to the 
pandemic. Our orders shipped via 
ocean freight as opposed to air due to
the lack of commercial aviation. 
1st of 2 orders is due on Monday.
Second, who knows. We here hope the 
world economy gets back going quickly
and safely. 
Just an FYI TOMOS parts arrived last
week including clutch drums, sprint 
fairings, chain guards, carbs, dellorto
parts.  Etc.   Summer is upon us..

COVID 19 seems to be the word
of the DAY.  As we are a 
division of Continental Cycles
( bicycle shop) we are an 
essential business so we can 
continue to operate during the state
of emergency.  Lots of NEW TOMOS
parts arrived today DHL.   CLUTCHES
got lots!

Happy St Patty's Day
We will be open daily thru this
state of emergency.  We have a 
good supply of inventory and 
expecting more in as long as 
international trade is not held
up. We are pretty isolated so we
don't expect any illness related 
closures.  Questions?  Hit us up

Now thru the end of the month  automatically 
save 10% on all orders $50 and over


Happy Holidays to all.  At this point we can
not make any more promises for holiday 
delivery.  All will be post Xmas at this point.
We do have a large order of parts from Europe 
that were release from US customs today.  We
should see Tuesday pending USPS being on time
and sending them to the proper place.

Happy Holidays.

save $10 on orders over $75 with code
 :"JINGLE": We are here everyday. 
We have been updating inventory and 
adding about 5-10 new parts per day.
Questions.  Please email us. New stuff in
route from Europe before Xmas.

Always a good day for a box of
TOMOS parts to arrive from Slovenia.
Restocking on some items we have 
been a bit short on lately.  Stay tuned.

Happy Early Thanksgiving.
We have been hard at updating the 
TOMOS NITRO section of our site
as we are working on the new warehouse.
Clearing shelves, tagging and bagging.
We have added about 30 items and more 
to go. Don't forget the NOVEMBER 
coupon ending on 11/20.  Save $20 on an 
order over $150 and you can still use the
Freeship99 code as they are stackable. 

Been a while since we updated this section.
We made it thru summer at the beach
which is an event in itself. This winter more
product will come on board as we add new
sections and finish up old.

TOMOS update. Our source in Slovenia tells
us that Tomos plant has not worked in 12
months now due to the bankruptcy fillings 
last fall. Parts are still available as TOMOS is
basically an assembly house and many
of the items are sourced from vendors 
around the world. The downside is with no 
production, parts production will only be done
when there is enough demand to produce parts
in quantity. In other words. if you are looking
for a small item that is out of stock, it may or
will be produced again at some point, we are
just not sure when. Once TOMOS restructures, 
there is hope that the factory will reopen and
the parts flow will be more consistent.
We will update again when we have more info.

Thanks for your patience this summer 
as we struggle to keep up. BUSY summer.

Big Day at the junkyard today.
Long awaited TOMOS order arrived
that has been in customs since July 4th.
Also, arriving today or tomorrow a large
parts order from Europe which is on time.
Replenishing many out of stock items 
over the next 36 hours. Please look for
new item SKUs on the site also.

MERIT switch bases have also arrived back
in stock..

See our July 4th promo.  July 4th only.
Save $20 on any order over $200. 
Happy 4th

3/1/2019- HELLO MARCH
Summer can not get here fast enough
for us in Ocean City MD. We are in 
our new warehouse and updating 
inventory daily.  Many new lower prices
on items as we find more
economical suppliers. We also found
many unique exclusive items clearing
the old warehouse after 15 years. Lots
of unopened boxes found.  Stay tuned.

1/15/2019- BIG YEAR AHEAD
Back open everyday.  We are moving
our warehouse this winter to improve
our turn around time as we will be
more logistically close to a USPS hub.
We should be able to offer same day
shipping ordered by 2pm. We have to
move a bunch of stuff so the migration
will happen over a 30-45 day period
including parts/ shelving and office and
computer equipment.

On that note- I look online and many
other companies have the business 
address of a UPS store or Mailboxes
Etc.   What happened to real honest 
businesses that carry inventory and
can ship 3000+ sku's same day.  
We have is all. Our retail stores remain
bicycles/scooter shops but they are brick
and mortar.  The web business,  although a
separate entity,  does function under the
same umbrella and (if we were in a retail
permitted area) could have a store front.
Since we are in a warehouse district,
online is still the best way to view and 
purchase the parts.  Looking forward to 
a busy and exciting 2019. 

Just an FYI to the UPS/Mailboxes stores.
We are NOT operating out of mom's 
basement and selling on the web thru
a personal PayPal account.  We pay taxes,
have state and federal Tax ID's,  state and 
local business licenses, genuine experienced
employees and a shop with tools and
40+ years of knowledge. 
All this and more since 1978..

We are back open starting Wed AM.  
We will be running about a day behind
on getting any new orders out as we 
catch up from the orders that have
accumulated over the past few days.
We are very efficient  as this is
our 21st year on the web and we know
our products and how to get orders out 

We will be Closed from Jan 4th thru 
Jan 9TH as we travel for a short 
Holiday.  Orders will still be 
confirmed,  but shipping will not 
take place until Jan 9th. Get orders in by 
1/3 by 8am so we can get them out.


Xmas Sale is on.  Lots of new
items in inventory and ready to
ship.  Sale price discounts even 
off of already on sale items.
Happy Holidays.

Have not updated in a while.
Yes,  we will have some specials
for black friday/cyber monday.
You'll need to check back to see
what is in store!!!

We are still open 7 days for 
tech support and 6 days for 

Questions,  Feel free to email us  [email protected]