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dellorto carb cleaning


We recommend removing all rubber parts ( float needle ( Fig. D) and float bowl gasket (Fig. C)) and spraying all internal portions of the carb body with carburator cleaner.  On an excessively tarnished carb, remove all parts and soak the body in Acetone for 24 hours and clean with carb cleaner afterward to disolve the gas residue.


When cleaning a dellorto carburator, most simply remove the float bowl ( Fig. F) and clean the bowl and the main jet (Fig. B).  Remember also, to check the float ( Fig. E) to make sure it still floats and does not have fuel residue on the outside or fuel on the inside. Although it is critical that these items be clean for the carb to function properly, the low speed jet must also be cleaned. This jet is part of the cast body of the Dellorto 14/12 and 15/15, 16/16  carbs.  It is located at the bottom of the intake side (closest to the cylinder- photo of location at right top). We find it easiest to clean with an unstranded brake wire from a bicycle cable in tandem with some carb cleaner.  If this hole is clogged,  bike will not start nor idle properly in most case. Please keep in mind that other factors such as a worn or deformed float needle ( Fig. D) tip ( part number DC-016 at ) can also cause
the moped to run improperly. If this low speed jet hole is disturbed  or deformed from excessive cleaning or is clogged beyond a simple cleaning with the wire, we advise to replace the carb (TM-036) 
as the size of this hole is critcal to the function of the carb.


It is advisable to replace carb top, bowl (Fig. C)  and fuel banjo gasket as well as the float needle on all carb cleans ( main jet (Fig. B) also if beyond cleaning). Parts are again listed at and are DC-008, DC-015, DC-016 (D), DC-019 and DC-023. If the needle seat ( Fig A.) is pitted or worn (this is part of the carb body ) it may be necessary to replace the complete carb (TM-036)as the fuel flow will no longer regulate and the moped will tend to flood.
Happy Cleaning......
Low speed Jet location
Dellorto carb parts