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piston ring install

Piston ring installation instructions.

We see more then a few MYSTERIOUS broken during shipment  ring problems.

With hopes that we might overcome this problem, we are including some basic installation
instructions to avoid breakage by the installer.

1- Remove and clean old cylinder and piston- It is best to emory the cylinder in a 45 degree
    cross motion from the bottom of the cylinder. Check for all rough edges and scoring, 
    then flush with raw fuel.
2- Carefully install rings on a clean piston, take care to align the groove pin with the ring ends,
    turn the cylinder upsidedown and install  the piston carefully down to the wrist pin hole. 
    (SEE VIDEO BELOW) - Note: Arrow on top of piston points toward exhaust .
3- Replace base gasket  and slide cylinder/piston combo onto cylinder studs, align rod with
    wrist pin hole, install pin and clips. Insert cylinder the rest of the way to the case.
4- When starting for the first time, kick over gently and do not rev engine excessive until rings
    have worn in.  It is sometimes best to allow the bike to idle for a few minutes, let cool and  
    repeat several times to allow rings to properly seat within the cylinder.

HINT:  A little extra 2 stoke oil will never hurt on a new set of rings.

We no longer replace RINGS - broken during shipment.

To see the ring install video see